Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

An Over Nite Inn Salt Lake City Guidebook

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thingsto doin salt lake city

On a very long flight back from a business trip to Utah, my husband and I found ourselves in a little over an hour of total silence. We were huddled in the back of the plane, where there was no room to move, squirming uncomfortably what documents do i need to travel abroad until we were free to move. We had a very fit couple from Texas. The National Parks in Utah was part of their official itinerary.

Towing luggage down a ramp is a thing’s doin’ Salt Lake City guidebook! Where I live in Australia, I don’t do it at all. But Utah is another story!

We managed to get onto a decent flight in Salt Lake City on a Saturday afternoon, and hit the ground running with a super-sleeper seat to watch our travel leisure event. We had been notified, we would have a three day break in Utah. I would have forgotten a whole week, I thought.

We had booked an over-night into a lodge, which cost us over one hundred and fifty dollars a head to get in – not a bad deal if you don’t like to eat! Luckily, they would only pay a fraction of that for a four-night stay at one of the best South Rim lodges.

We decided to do some hiking early on the first day, so we could enjoy our air time over breakfast. However, we had a hard time finding a place to eat in the first place, how to pack for a motorcycle trip so we switched to the Lodge Restaurant, which was shut.

They asked us if we needed a room to sleep in. We told them we didn’t and hung around a bit to enjoy breakfast. We later received a phone call from the owner, announcing he was going to close the Lodge and he would give us a full refund. We didn’t want to leave the Lodge, but we also didn’t want to be stuck eating at the restaurant.

One thing that we could have done, is gone for the second place on the free breakfast menu. We actually ate in our hotel room. We put the hotel menu back on the seat and pretended to enjoy our one hundred and fifty dollar breakfast! We almost missed our flight to Washington, DC!

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