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Central Asia Travel: The Ultimate Guide and Resource

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The Central Asia region is among the richest and largest regions on earth, offering a vast range of travel adventures and attractions. From tea plantations in the north to casinos and Russian theme parks in the south, the area offers a large number of choices for vacationers to choose from and is diverse.

Central Asia Travel The Ultimate Guide and Resource

Fishing, horseback riding and tea plantations are popular parts of the Central Asia travel adventure.
The Pamir Highway transports travelers between Russia and China, while the Silk Road bridges cultural and economical bridges. You will need a Central Asia Travel Guide and Resource Book, to Get the Most out of your trip to Central Asia.

The Central Asia region stretches all the way from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean and has no less than three oceans. While the Himalayas and Karakoram mountain ranges extend in the direction of India the Pamir Highway connects Russia with China. The region also includes Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iran, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan.

The eastern part of the country is dominated by three mountain ranges that were broad. The Pamir Mountains is situated to the west of the Almaty area. The biggest of the three mountains divides Kazakhstan from China. Termez and the Dauki range boundary Kyrgyzstan.

The Termez Mountains is the highest mountains in Central Asia. This produces the Pamir Highway the only road. The Dauki Mountains is the next highest.

Those who opt to take the Pamir Highway to reach China, or the Dauki to reach Russia, will find themselves in a region that includes more than two million acres of tea. Besides tea, orchards, tea estates, and rubber plantations dot the landscape. Exports and imports make this region an important producer of coffee, coffee beans, and leather.

One of the terrific things about Central Asia is that it features a diverse array of wildlife sanctuaries national parks, and gardens. Some of the most notable parks in the region comprise the Sary Shagan Nature Reserve in China, Tangail National Park in Tajikistan, and Karakoram National Park in Kazakhstan. All offer great opportunities for wildlife and nature watching.

You will find that your holiday will be memorable and unique, regardless of where you choose to spend your Central Asia travel. The area offers the best of historic sites, culture, and art, cuisine, while also providing rich history and design. Travelers have the opportunity to explore its treasures and the country.

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