Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

Select Phnom Koulen National Park for holidays

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If you have the chance to travel to Cambodia, don’t forget to visit Phnom Koulen, in particular the Phnom Koulen National Park. It is located on the south of the Dangrek Mountains of the Svay Leu District. It boasts its fabulous scenery and rich history. Thanks to all, it is regarded as the sophisticated artificial wonders of the ancient citadel.

Outstanding highlight of this spot is the old Angkorians. People call it as the Mahendraparvata, the Mountain of Great Indra or the Creator God in Hindu belief. Keep on exploring allows guests to witness the Rong Chen shrine. This place also is an potential spot to provides construction material to develop Angkor, a symbol of ancient Khmer glory.

The Phnom Koulen National Park is covered with lush vegetation. Beautiful waterfalls becomes important attractions to lure tourists from all over the world. Visitors also can take a sharper look at the Chup Preah, a nice plain surrounded by cool streams. Besides, they will be fascinated by an old Buddhist statue and others appeared from the 16th century. Especially, you will actually admire the sandstone rock bed of the river as well as its deep meanings hiding behind the sculptures.

A visit to the terrace of Sdach Kamlung where contains numerous destroyed temples and a huge statue of the lying Buddha hand carved on the gigantic sandstone. This is now between and planked by two towering and extraordinary Cham Pa trees.

Furthermore, let imagine you are stand ahead two gorgeous waterfalls and enjoy the majestic beauty of the park. Water from high rocks pours down and form cascades of white water. All create incredible scenery that fascinates every visitors.

In addition, this area provides easy access to a Siem Reap hotel. Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor also gives enough comfort and convenience for guests to admire the renowned sights of the ancient Khmer kingdom.

Let come and experience in Phnom Koulen.

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